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Michele Morrison

At Positively Paws, our mission is to help families and their beloved pet learn desired behaviors and change behaviors that are not so desired, using force free methods.. Training is done using a positive approach, in increments using reinforcement, that is effective and successful. We find what best motivates your dog to learn, and use that to their potential so that they are set up to succeed.

Michele is a certified professional dog trainer, who graduated in 2015 from Animal Behavior College. She continues to study and learn multiple facets of animal behavior. She is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Animals and Society Institute, and a supporting member to International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and Animal Behavior Society.

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Why Choose Us

  • Do you call your dog, and he ignores you and keeps on walking?
  • Does your dog jump on everyone and anyone who enters your home?
  • Does your dog bark, lunge while out in public going for a walk? Or pull like he is walking you?
  • We have answers and solutions ... We are here for you

What We offer

Group Training

Helps puppies, young dogs and older dogs learn to interact with other dogs as well as learn around distractions.

Private Training

We offer personalized private lessons for both 30 and/or 60 minute intervals.

Virtual Training

We offer training over the phone! We'll setup an appointment with you and walk you through the entire process.

Day Training

We offer day training for 2 or 3 hour sessions. Your puppy will become the dog you want them to be.

Puppy Training

we train puppies of all breeds.

Specialty Training

A program can be tailored to each dogs individual needs or issues.

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Training Packages

Positively Paws offers packages to save the most money and still receive the best quality services which best supports your dogs needs

This covers introduction to clicker training, hand target, watch, sit and sit and stay and wait. We will also touch on prevention topics such as house soiling and house manners.

Lessons 3
Minutes 45
Price $210

That continues with basic puppy training and adds on with leave it, lets go, loose leash walking. We start to touch on prevention topics such as jumping, crate training, barking and exercise.

Lessons 5
Minutes 50
Price $380

This is an advanced package with a prerequisite of completing puppy packages 1 & 2. This package will continue to add on basic obedience with heel, adding distractions to sit, stay, loose leash walking.

Lessons 8
Minutes 60
Price $600

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